How To Build A Home

Written by Sierra Rein
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The following paragraphs are certainly not enough to teach anyone how to build a home, but they may aid you in getting the general concept. A home is a complicated entity, and an architect/builder has many different considerations to think about. Above all, safety and strength are the highest priorities, while comfort and aesthetics come second.

The first thing to do is to choose a plot of land, clear it of debris and plant life, and staking the land to outline the general layout according to the blueprints. You must then break the ground, set in a foundation, and set in the wall forms. Once this is set into the soil, then the plumbing can be snaked through and the wall frames can become installed.

How to Build a Home Part 2

After the walls and second story (if any) are raised, the roof trusses (triangular shaped sets of wood) are put into place. All the wall and roof areas are sheeted with wood panels, and weather-proof framing is added. Decorative paint and plasters are used to cover up the wooden "guts" of the house, on the inside an electrician adds the final touches of modern convenience, and windows and doors are installed to keep the wind out.

Perhaps the final steps are to pour the walkway and garage cement, place a few toys in the front lawn, and move in. While the home building process may seem complicated, it is actually quite simply to learn how to build a home. You too can become an owner builder and create your own dream home by next year, if you just take the time to learn how!

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