Luxury Home Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As far as builders and architects are concerned, luxury home plans are considered those drawn up for properties with about 5,000 square feet of interior space. That's one way of looking at it. The etymological story behind the word is, after all, excess. But that's the only derivation of the word. There are other connotations.

Luxury Home Plans: Defined

What most of us really think of with luxury home plans is probably having a place that is home and castle and retreat. We are, or will be, comfortable and both pleased with and proud of our surroundings. It is not marble floors or tiling or any other particular architectural or decor that define luxury. It's more a sense of style. You may indeed be commissioning an architect to design a new large house. Perhaps you're renovating a historic property. Maybe you're developing a customized variation of a builder's stock property to your specifications.

The real earmarks of luxury home plans are timelessness, quality construction, and architectural authenticity. At the same time, your house will reflect you, your style, and your character. What is that style? We all have different preferences and artistic sensibilities. Perhaps it translates to French provincial, perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright's modernistic angularity and sparseness. You could be thinking of a narrow Eastlake row house on a street in San Francisco or St. Louis with a false gable, cornice and brackets over bay windows, and a false mansard roof.

What you perceive of as the marriage of elegance and comfort translates to luxury. The trick is to know it when you see it, be able to communicate it, and take the time to find a builder/architect willing to develop blueprints without charging a Louis XIV price. You might discover that the plans are already out there, in the rough. All they need is your final personal touch.

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