Modular Home Prices

Written by Sierra Rein
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When you think about how expensive it is to build a home from the ground up, modular home prices suddenly seem very attractive. While you could burn 200,000 into all the materials and labor building from scratch, a modular home can cost you just a fraction of a regularly built structure. Whether you are looking for a simple owner builder program, or wish to build the home of your dreams, this is certainly a great way to go.

Modular home prices are consistently less than conventional home building prices. This is mainly due to the fact that the modular home is prebuilt and delivered straight to the future home's plot. It is also because the manufactures of these homes are able to purchase their materials in bulk discounts -- the savings are then passed on to you!

Modular Home Prices Give You More Bang for Your Buck

Compared to scratch (or "stick-built") homes, modular buildings consistently come out on top. This is certainly true whether you are considering cost, quality of craftsmanship, and the amount of time it takes to construct the building. A home builder can thus spend the extra money on high end amenities, such as a backyard pool or a security system.

The price of modular panelized homes vary depending on the size and scope of the floor plan. You can have this customized, depending on your budget or conceptual ideals. Voice these concerns -- including your dreams and expectations -- to the manufacturer, and he or she will undoubtedly be able to find you a home that fits.

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