Modular Home Sales

Written by Sierra Rein
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Chad Harvey, the Assistant Director of Government Affairs with the Modular Building Systems Association, recently stated that the future of modular home sales is destined to improve. After all, the modular design is meant to fulfill any homeowner's needs and desires in a dream home. However, a large misconception regarding these homes (usually connected to trailer park mobile homes) had dampened their current attraction.

On the contrary, modular homes can be purchased in many styles, forms, and prices. They can range from a one-and-a-half split-level ranch to a large, two bedroom, three bath, two story house. Whatever your needs and budget limits are, the modular industry can provide (with amenities included).

How Modular Home Sales Can Benefit You

No matter how you look at it, the modular panelized home construction choice can save you money. Most experts claim these savings can range from five to twenty five percent, compared with traditional building methods. However, as more and more of the public is becoming acquainted with this form of home building, the numbers are going up. Some people even affix this percentage at 50%!

Thus, the future of modular home sales is looking bright. No doubt we will see many more companies becoming a part of the modular home construction business. And more and more future home owners will realize how exciting such a real estate venture this truly is.

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