Modular Panelized Homes

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is an incredible boom in the market today for modular panelized homes. This style of home is one of the most efficient and popular options available to future home owners. More and more Americans are deciding to put their own energy into the building process, and gaining money, time, and pride in the process.

Modular panelized homes are basically houses that are built in pieces at an off-site location, usually a factory. The sections of walls, windows, doors, floors, and roofs are shipped to the land plot, and a group of subcontractors (or, if you are lucky, friends and family) then build it. By purchasing one of these panelized home kits, you save all the time, money and effort usually associated with building a home from the ground up.

Modular Panelized Homes vs. Mobile Homes

Many people confuse panelized homes with mobile ones. However, panelized home packages provide the future homeowner with an incredible choice and flexibility in design, and also offer most amenities common to a regularly built home. In contrast, mobile homes are usually fixed in size and not as customizable.

The National Association of Home Builders has recently made it known that home panelization is the quickest growing method of residential home building. If you are interested in this process and wish to build a home as well, be sure to check out the pages here regarding sweat equity and other benefits to performing the process yourself. You will be surprised how attractive the prospects appear!

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