New Home Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Part of the joy of acquiring real estate are the new home plans that come with it, whether you're adapting, renovating, or building from scratch. Maybe you were the child who dragged your furniture around your bedroom just to see if the bed were better with a view of the window or under the window, and maybe you weren't. That was then.

Now you're envisioning a wide front porch and a u-shaped house that opens in the back onto a courtyard area with slate flagstones bathed in morning sunlight. This is the house that you and your family will call home. Now--as you draw up new home plans--is the time to think about these details. You remember from your first place that the time to refinish the floors, for example, is before you move in.

It's up to you to know the fundamentals of what you want. This ranges from the number of bedrooms to the stylistic details of the facade to the roofing material you prefer. Maybe you're attracted by the elegant, clean, yet unpretentious lines of the early Arts and Crafts movement, or maybe you prefer folk Victorian with tall floor to ceiling windows looking over an herb garden.

From Concept to Blueprint with Your New Home Plans

Architectural integrity is important to you. Can you find an architect with both period expertise and the ability to adapt it to your ideas, even if they seem to conflict? Your best starting point is probably to look at existing plans. Hundreds of new home plans are available online. Look at them with an open mind. Find several that are close to what you're envisioning, as visible from the exterior elevations. See how the floor plans for them mesh with your own. Your goal is to find a firm that builds flexibility into its blueprints.

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