Owner Builder

Written by Sierra Rein
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To the individual eager to manage his or her own building projects, consider yourself an owner builder of the future. These adventurous spirits choose to take matters into their own hands, and will not take others choices as the be all and end all. Instead, they choose a hands-on approach to creating the home of their dreams.

An owner builder is exactly who he sounds like: someone who takes on the role of a contractor to reap sweat equity by the time he takes full ownership of the building in questions. For those who don't know, sweat equity homes are those built by the future owners, usually exchanging manual labor for the chance to have low interest mortgages and a high equity value going in. In the cases of strong, intelligent people, this can truly become a financially smart role to take over.

The Owner Builder Job Description

An owner builder can theoretically perform most of the duties usually assigned to professional contractors or laborers. Indeed, many building authorities instantly recognize when people volunteer to do the work themselves. However, owner building financing is still subject to close scrutiny regarding code requirements, just like a professional would be.

By the time the owner builder construction nears completion, he or she will realize just how much hard work and dedication has gone into it. No doubt a great deal of pride and accomplishment will be felt by everyone involved, including friends and family members. This process can certainly change lives and produce some great works of architectural freedom.

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