Owner Builder Modular Home

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you have never constructed a home yourself before, then an owner builder modular home plan will work for you. You can choose from a series of standard plans of modular and panelized homes, and take on the role as your own general contractor. The home will be straightforward to build, and incredibly comfortable to live in.

Modular homes are made with ease in mind. They are created in factories and shipped in pieces to the building location. You can often see these half-houses on flatbed trucks rumbling by the highway on their way to their final destination.

How an Owner Builder Modular Home is Planned

Because an owner builder may have a specific criteria for his home, it often takes a bit of time before the modular blueprint is completed. While they must adhere to building codes, they can be purchased in pieces and rearranged at the construction site. Once built, the dream home has a lot of sweat equity and a low 30-year mortgage rate.

A modular home plan can be great for those who do not know how to build a home for themselves. It can save valuable organizational time. It can also cut the amount of work during the building process in half. Consider an owner builder modular home for all your own dream house plans.

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