Owner Builder Process

Written by Sierra Rein
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The owner builder process is easy to understand, but harder to fulfill. It take a pioneering spirit to become an owner builder, as well as a combination of personal conviction and outside help to get the job done. However, if you know you have the strength to do so, do not let anything stop you!

The owner builder process is simple and straight forward if you break it down into a few large steps. The first step is to contact a company which will help you create an owner builder program, detailing how to go about the next project plans. You can find a company like this on the Internet and send them all of your information through an online form.

The Big Steps of the Owner Builder Process

After you have met with an advisor and have analyzed all your wants, needs and desires regarding your home, you must detail all the financial issues regarding the purchase of land and applying for an owner builder loan. Once this is settled and you are ready to start building, then you can decide on a finalized blueprint as well as your own personal involvement in the project (i.e. how much of the construction work do you want you, your friends and family, and outside subcontractors to do).

The next steps require a appraiser to take a look at your blueprints and your land to come up with an overall value for your home. Once accomplished, the pre-building process can begin, and an attorney can write up the closing papers. Finally, all your financial groundwork is ready for you to build!

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