Owner Builder Program

Written by Sierra Rein
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An owner builder program helps home builders literally take matters into their own hands. It allows them to help themselves and to become an integral part of every stage of the construction period. The home arises out of an honest desire to make the best structure possible.

Most home building programs are built under the careful eye of a general contractor, charged with the job of overseeing the construction phases on behalf of an architect or real estate developer. More often than not, this contractor knows that he will concentrate on using his knowledge and not necessarily his love of the building. However, if the owner builder invests his or her own desire and care into the home, this strong collection of wood, plaster, and paint becomes much more special.

The Way an Owner Builder Program Works

There are many benefits to becoming your own builder. The program is designed to help the future owner become involved in every phase of the building, from the financial loans to the choice of land, to the final touches of paint. You choose the home plan, and are in final control of the project from start to beginning.

The owner builder program is meant for take-charge people, not wallflowers. You will be warned ahead of time how you will eventually put your own sweat and muscles to work, or be encouraged to involve friends, family, and other subcontractors in the work as well. Once the project is done and you have built yourself the home of your dreams, however, you will know that it is worth it!

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