Panelized Home Kits

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are planning to build a new home, panelized home kits may be in your future! Considering how much money and time is spent in the construction of a home from the ground up, it is often more affordable to purchase prefab modular homes than it is to buy the scratch material and hire needless subcontractors. Instead, purchasing a home kit can help you plan against headaches and extra expenses.

Panelized home kits are designed with quality in mind, and are manufactured in an indoor factory. They arrive to your location covered, protected by the weather, and ready to be put together. Imagine, within 4 weeks, you can move yourself and your family right in to your dream home!

The Energy Efficiency and Design Flexibility of Panelized Home Kits

Panelized homes are also extremely good for both hot and cold weather. They come fully insulated and, due to their design, use superior building materials to keep the weather out. Thus, no matter where you live, there is a modular panelized home for you.

It is now known that 53% of new homes built in the US use panelized home packages in one way or another. Whether this means building brand new homes, or placing additions next to existing homes, the panelized method is extremely popular. There are also many financial options available to you, including loans, to make the purchase of a home very easy.

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