Self Build Homes

Written by Sierra Rein
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For hundreds of years, farmers and land owners would pride themselves on self build homes. They put much hard work into these structures, and felt that their homes represented a new pioneering spirit taking hold of the American soil. Many of these old homes still stand more than 150 or 200 years later!

People who choose to create self build homes today follow this same entrepreneur dream. They don't rely on others to set prices, hire laborers, and choose the blueprint plan. Eager to take a challenge into their own hands, these individuals seek to take their own initiative and do it themselves.

You Too Can Self Build Homes!

Even if you call yourself a klutz when it comes to picking up a hammer or saw, you can choose to take up the reins and become an owner builder. This title basically places you in charge of the planning and management of the completion of your own home. You can hire who you want at your own set price, and plan a budget accordingly.

If you don't have the first hand knowledge of how to do so, read the rest of the pages here and acquaint yourself with the process. You will notice instantly how straightforward and how simple it can be! Imagine, within a year you (yes, you) can build your dream home on your (yes, your) terms!

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