Sweat Equity Home Building

Written by Sierra Rein
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A program which deals in sweat equity home building can be described as the process by which the future homeowner, or homeowners, works alongside other laborers and aids in the building process. By doing so, they accrue what is called "sweat equity." This equity in turn reduces the initial down payment amount.

After the home is built, it is sold to them for zero down and at incredibly low interest rates. Because the "owner builder" has invested his or her time and personal hard work into the home, there are also few and low closing costs. This owner builder financing strategy is guaranteed to work as long as he or she puts enough effort into the building of the structure.

Other Benefits to the Sweat Equity Home Building Route

Because the future owner of the home will be an integral part of the building process, he or she will be in constant knowledge of the materials used. Thus, the head of a family will know if inferior products are being used, and can rectify any situation before it gets buried under plaster and paint. After all, when it comes to safety and generating a high value on the home, nothing should be left to chance.

Sweat equity home building starts the moment the family signature is on the loan documents. While other homeowners spend years building equity, sweat equity homes start earning as soon as the ink begins to dry. This is great news for those eager to make their dreams of building a dream home come true.

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