Photo Realistic Rendering

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Modern 3D design software gives engineers, industrial designers, and architects all over the world the ability to create photo realistic renderings of their projects. By creating a design in CAD or 3D modeling software, designers can easily visualize many different aspects of the product, as well as run simulations and examine the design from many angles at once. In fact, photo realistic renderings have become so important in industrial design and architecture that they have all but replaced traditional hand drawings as the prototype-of-choice among professionals.

One strong point of modeling software is that once a design is programmed into the software, users can easily create finished, photo realistic images from any angle. Many types of professional modeling software also allow engineers to run virtual tests on the designs, including aerodynamics tests and tests of structural integrity. During the final stages of product design, users can also use the software to instruct rapid prototyping machines to produce physical models according to the design specifications.

Producing Photo Realistic Renderings for Clients

The software generally allows photo realistic rendering from any angle, and resolution clear enough to examine intricate details. For structures and large items, the designer can also produce amazing walkthroughs of the design, or place the design in virtual reality software to allow clients to explore the design as freely as they would in real, physical space. The designers can apply various textures to the different components of the design, and use their freedom to experiment with different forms and create multiple versions of the product.

Renderings are a great way to quickly produce realistic images of a project that is still in progress. When used with models or other physical prototypes, they can provide viewers with a clear, detail-filled image that even non-professionals can appreciate and understand. In this way, they offer a dramatic improvement over sketches and marker renderings of the past.

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