Project Management Consulting

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Project management consulting services are available from most large product development consultancies. Such consultancies may also hire out industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and software developers to provide complete new product development packages. Alternately, project managers may be available as individuals to provide support for large companies that are engaged in complex product development projects.

The Role of Project Management Consulting Firms

Project managers have what may be the most difficult job in new product development. They must balance the concerns of the design process (including testing, market research, engineering, etc.) and the concerns of the client business, such as budget and time frame. They are also commonly responsible for initializing the development process, securing investors (if needed), and providing an infrastructure for the various development teams and all other involved parties.

A strong framework for the design process is commonly considered the most effective tool for producing a good product. Without it, the relationships between the various developers and designers involved could crumble through miscommunication or lack of any communication at all. Through planning, project management consulting services can build a framework strong enough to support the needs of every party involved in the project.

It is generally the responsibility of the project manager to determine if and how much new training or instructional materials are needed to develop a project. Because freelance project managers may be more educated in new technologies or manufacturing methods (the freelance market is competitive enough to encourage self-education in emerging fields), project management consulting services are occasionally hired to develop such training materials.

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