Accident Prevention

Written by Amy Hall
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Accident prevention is a serious issue facing companies today, especially businesses that deal with construction and engineering on a daily basis. OSHA has regulations in place that are frequently updated and changed as it becomes necessary to constantly reevaluate which guidelines are working and which are not. Companies face serious consequences for not complying with the Osha safety manual, with fines upwards of $70,000.00 being imposed on serious violators.

OSHA believes that accident prevention should be a top priority for companies, if not the most important priority. Employee safety should never be taken for granted, as accidents can happen even under the best of circumstances. Whenever people and machinery mix, the combination produces a dangerous health and safety risk. Therefore, it is necessary for workers to get Osha safety training so that they know what to do should an accident happen on the job.

Accident Prevention Should Take Top Priority for Businesses Today

There are so many potential hazards in the construction or industrial setting workplace. All it takes is one person to make one wrong decision, and the results can be catastrophic, with the risk to people being injury or even death. Some of the issues workers face include: risk of falling, fire hazards, electrical hazards, proper operation of construction vehicles such as backhoes, excavators, and dump trucks, as well as ladder safety and hand and power tool safety.

As you can see from this list, there are just too many dangerous pieces of machinery being used to excuse companies from providing proper safety training to their employees. Without ongoing training and proper supervision on the job site, the risk of injury and death to employees rises dramatically. Fortunately, OSHA has made it possible for all companies to comply with their regulations by providing proper safety training, educational materials, and safety manuals that can be downloaded from the computer and copied.

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