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Air Respiratory Supplied System

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In hazardous environments full of toxic fumes or dangerous airborne particles, air respiratory supplied systems can maintain health and productivity, and provide workers with a clean, cool source of breathable air. Many modern supplied air systems are equipped with not only the necessary safety features, but a few important creature comforts as well. By providing intelligently designed systems that focus on the needs of frequent users as well as the legal regulations for air respiratory supplied systems, manufacturers have created modern tools for a comfortable, safe work environment.

Many older respiratory systems proved flawed during periods of extended use. Uncomfortable facemasks would fog easily, and often grow hot and stuffy. Modern systems solve use anti-fogging coatings facemasks, and modern air filter units often include air conditioning options as well. Cooling air or not only makes the facemask or hood more bearable for longer time periods, but can ease breathing, allowing craftsmen to focus on their crafts.

Many contemporary air respiratory supplied systems are also equipped with rear-mount airline and breathing tubes as well. By connecting to either side of the facemask or hood and feeding over the shoulders and down the wearers back, important air supply lines are kept out of harm's way. Many personal units also include two separate nozzles. One nozzle, which attaches to the breathing line, decompresses and filters the air while the other maintains full air pressure for air driven tools.

Purchasing an Air Respiratory Supplied System

As with any piece of hardware, the first step in purchasing a supplied air system is researching what system is best suited for your needs. OSHA and NIOSH requirements state that supplied air systems can not be modified or customized outside of manufacturers limits, so its important that you find the right system before you buy. Safety suppliers, industrial suppliers, and other vendors all carry a range of respirator and air filtration hardware.

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