California Demolition Experts

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are certain procedures that will be followed by all California demolition experts when you call them in. To begin with they will want to confirm that, in fact, you own the building you want demolished. To save time, you should prepare proof of this. In addition they will also want confirmation that the gas, water and electricity services to the building have been safely turned off.

What California Demolition Experts Do

The first steps California demolition experts will take is to protect any nearby or adjoining property that is not intended for demolition. They will also want to close off or block drains and pipe outlets that are not to be demolished. Most likely the demolition crew will dismantle and remove any materials that they earmark for recycling, if you have not already done this.

California demolition experts warn property owners that even when demolishing a building that has been fire or storm damaged, that you may not necessarily get planning permission to build a replacement building. If you need a building on that site, then it is wise to take steps to secure planning permission before you begin. For many buildings you may need to apply for permission to rebuild before you begin demolition work.

Get confirmation from your California demolition experts before they begin on exactly what their work will entail. How do you require the plot to be when they finish? Do you want the foundations and everything removed? Or just the top of the structure? Make clear guidelines for your contractor so that everyone is happy and clear where they stand. Leaving issues unsettled will mean that you will likely end up unsatisfied with the demolition work and will need to call in another team.

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