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Commercial Spill Kit

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Commercial spill kits are designed with the needs of businesses and manufacturing plants in mind. In general, they contain a variety of products to contain, remove, and dispose of spills and hazardous materials. From PPE (personal protective equipment) to disposal bags, commercial spill kits are designed to be convenient, all-inclusive emergency response tool kits.

Because they are designed for commercial and manufacturing use, commercial spill kits usually include some items that may not be found in spill kits for hospitality or medical use. For example, in addition to absorbent powder, many commercial kits also contain sorbent pillows or boom coils. Boom coils are perfect for containing large spills over difficult terrain, and sorbent pillows can be easily applied to hard-to-reach confined areas.

Some spill kits also contain full body suits or heavy-duty aprons and strong, pullover rubber boots. They may also contain tough safety goggles, and possibly even a facemask. The versatility and reusability of products in commercial spill kits makes them ideal for use in plants and processing facilities, where equipment that has been exposed to hazardous materials can be properly cleaned or disposed of.

Researching and Buying Commercial Spill Kits

Spill kits are generally available from industrial safety equipment suppliers, and come in a variety of shapes and prices. Depending on the specifics of the application, a portable spill kit may be more appropriate than a larger, less convenient kit. If you have a question about product or application specifics, many online vendors offer live support services, as well as email assistance, MSDSs (material safety data sheets), and FAQ information.

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