Compliance Guide

Written by Amy Hall
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Practically every type of business has a compliance guide that they must adhere to in order to ensure safety in the workplace. In fact, OSHA, has a compliance manual for construction, blood-borne pathogens, fishing vessels, motor vehicle maintenance, and firearms, lead, and numerous other occupations. It can even get more specific, with compliance and safety manuals for forklift operation, for instance, which would fall under the category of industrial or constructional use.

The goal of OSHA is to make sure that men and women across America are working in safe and healthy environments. Ultimately, the mission of this federal government organization is to save lives by teaching accident prevention and safety training. The only way to accomplish this goal is for companies across America to follow the guidelines set forth by OSHA, by incorporating them into their place of business.

Following the OSHA Compliance Guide

Any company with employees must follow the compliance guide for their particular industry. For construction, all employees must be well-trained in heavy machinery operation, as well as be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge prior to actually controlling any machinery. There should also be a safety manual that all employees get, which should cover injury prevention, an emergency response plan, and the procedures to follow should an employee get hurt and become temporarily or permanently disabled.

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, even when workers are skilled in their fields. Therefore, OSHA believes that workers should receive ongoing safety training, as well as an up-to-date compliance and safety manual which outlines the rules and regulations of this organization. Many compliance and safety manuals can be downloaded from sites that sell these OSHA manuals, right off the Internet. It has never been easier to obtain these OSHA manuals and provide employees with the information that they need to stay safe.

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