Construction Safety Training

Written by Amy Hall
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Construction safety training is mandatory for all construction industry companies if they want to follow the Osha compliance manual and avoid strict penalties. If an accident occurs on any construction job site, the first thing an OSHA investigator will ask to see is a copy of the company's workplace health and safety program. If there is not one, there could be some serious repercussions for the owner of that construction company.

For blatant violations of the OSHA safety manual, company owners could face fines as high as $70,000.00. However, this fine is just a mere drop in the bucket when you stop to consider the seriousness of a fatal injury, or an injury that leaves a worker permanently disabled. OSHA was created so that there would be some governing agency in place that would monitor how business was being conducted, and to implement a set of guidelines that would protect workers across America.

Necessary Construction Safety Training

Even with the knowledge that OSHA will enforce strict penalties for non-compliance of their safety guidelines, up to 90% of small businesses are out of compliance. It is really a tragedy when an accident happens that could have totally been prevented with proper construction safety training. Since OSHA is constantly revising it's compliance manual, it is completely necessary for companies to remain abreast of the latest changes made in regard to safety and health training.

This means that all construction employees need proper training, and all employees should demonstrate that they have mastered 100% of the skills learned in training. Training should also be focused on the individual to make sure that each worker understands the material completely. There are many reputable companies that offer OSHA compliance training, so that every workplace in America remains a safe place to work!

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