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Cooling Vest

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Cooling vests are designed to protect you from heat stress or heat stroke. Heat stress can build up during periods of exertion in extremely warm environments, and result in a lag in awareness and performance. In severe cases, it can lead to heat stroke, which occurs when the body can no longer regulate its own temperature.

Cooling vest and cooling vest conversions can help cool your body down to a manageable temperature, allowing you to operate at peak performance, even under the hot sun or in other extreme situations. Modern cooling vests can be chilled in cold water or a refrigerator, and will maintain a cool temperature over a period of as much as a few hours. Cooling bandanas or headbands operate similarly, cooling your neck or head, and effectively cooling your whole body.

Vest conversion kits can turn normal safety vests into cooling vests. By soaking the inserts in cold water for less than ten minutes and attaching them to the vest, you can provide uninterrupted cooling for hours. Many cooling vests and all conversion vests feature replaceable cartridges for easy maintenance and continuous performance all day long.

Purchasing a Cooling Vest

Cooling Vests are available from a variety of manufacturers, and many online retail vendors. In some cases, manufacturers of cooling products also have links or articles with helpful heat-related reference information. OSHA has standards criteria regarding heat exposure limits and cooling vests; products that have been OSHA approved are labeled as such.

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