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Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Stockhausen products, including Cupran®, are available in the United States through STOKO® Skin Care North America. Part of Degussa AG, Stockhausen provides skin care products to industry and commercial clients all over the world. Their products are united into a 3 Point Program of skin care that involves protecting your skin, proper cleansing, and maintaining your skin's health by providing liquids and lipids.

Cupran® is one cleanser available in the "cleansing" stage of the 3 Point Program. Along with Kresto®, Solopol®, and Neopol®, Cupran® forms the bulk of Stockhausen's medium and heavy-duty cleansers. It is designed to attack oil-based substances, such as oil-based paints, adhesives, and lacquers, and is a water-soluble product. Some of the cleansing action of Cupran® is provided by a scrubbing grit made from all-natural walnut shells.

The other two steps of Stockhausen's 3 Point Program involve preparing your skin before work and maintaining it when the day is done. Preparatory skin care products, the first step of the program, take the form of skin creams to build a protective layer between your skin and irritants. Products in the third step for skin conditioning replace lost oils and moisture revitalizing skin. All in all, nearly 50 products are available from STOKO® Skin Care North America to provide a full range of skin care products for almost any application.

Where to Find Cupran® and Other Skin Care Products

Cupran® is available in 250 ml tubes and both 1000 mL and 2000 mL softbottles. Along with other STOKO® Skin Care Products, it is available from many different retail sources. Online vendors, including safety supply stores, usually offer live support to help answer any questions that you may have and also may give quantity discounts for large orders.

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