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Dewatering Pump

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Dewatering pumps are pumps that are specially designed to remove standing water by pumping it through the top of the pump. They are especially useful for water transfers, and handling dirty or sludgy water. In general, there are both powerful portable dewatering pumps as well as larger, much more powerful industrial duty pumps.

Smaller, portable pumps are commonly powered by 110 volt AC power, and are anywhere from one half of a horsepower up to three horsepower in strength. One H.P. pumps can move as much as 96 gallons of water per minute, and their small size and submergibility make them great for moving large quantities of water as well. Other pumps are designed specifically to move dirty water, and can pump as much as 50 gpm of water that contains sands, leaves, or other solids.

Many portable dewatering pumps feature standard connectors, and will quickly and easily connect to tough, PVC hoses with fire hose-style fittings. Some portable pumps are stackable, allowing them to be used in deeper standing water without a hose. In these cases, the output of one pump is fed directly into the input of another.

Industrial Dewatering Pumps

Large, more heavy-duty pumps can be used for many applications other than moving standing water. Some pumps are also adept at moving solids, for applications such as extracting sand for recycling construction materials. Pumps with semi-vortex impellers can also transfer solids and fibrous materials without the danger of clogging or breaking down.

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