Health And Safety At Work

Written by Amy Hall
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Health and safety at work should be the top priority for all businesses across America. OSHA has a set of general guidelines that all companies must comply with, as well as more specific compliance guides for individual industries, such as construction or engineering. Safety in the workplace is the common denominator as far as OSHA officials are concerned.

There are some steps companies can take to ensure that the workplace is as safe and healthy as possible for their employees. This means that all workers should receive the company safety manual, as well as some hands-on training that incorporates such topics as the proper use of machinery, vehicle operations, and hazardous risk assessments. All employees should be tested on the safety material to determine their level of skill and comprehension.

The Importance of Health and Safety at Work

OSHA's goal is to get every company across America to take a proactive approach by implementing a plan for health and safety at work. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of companies that are not in compliance with the Osha safety manual. Penalties for minor infractions can cost as much as $7,000.00, while serious violations can impose a penalty as high as $70,000.00!

Obviously, it makes sense to have a solid plan for health and safety in the workplace, as not having one can really put a dent in your budget. Aside from the economics, a safety plan can also save lives and prevent injuries on the job. It is imperative that every business in America take a good look at their own safety plan, and re-evaluate whether or not it is up to OSHA standards, before it's too late.

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