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Heavy Duty Rain Gear

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Heavy duty rain gear and disposable rain gear are the two most common rain safety items in commercial and industrial use. In periods of heavy rain, visibility can drop to a point where distinguishing a person from the background may prove difficult, especially in low-light situations. Bright, waterproof clothing can protect you not only from the rain, but also make your body more visible to oncoming traffic, other personnel, and equipment operators.

Heavy duty rain gear is usually made from reinforced PVC material. Many times, a cotton or polyester lining with forms the base for the protective PVC shell. In most cases, heavy duty rain gear will range between 30 and 40 mm thick, and feature a zipper front with storm snaps, bob overall or suspender pants, and occasionally rubber boots.

Disposable rain gear is significantly more lightweight than its heavy-duty counterpart. There usually is no lining on disposable gear, and in general, it is only approximately 0.5 mm thick. Disposable gear also usually consists of drawstring pants instead of coveralls or overalls, and a drawstring hood instead of a large, heavy hood.

Purchasing Heavy Duty Rain Gear

Rain gear and other protective and low-visibility clothing is available from safety suppliers and industrial suppliers. An alternative to catalog shopping is online shopping, where sales people can answer any technical concerns that you might have regarding safety products. Online vendors also usually offer quantity discounts, as well.

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