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Hospitality Safety

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In the field of hospitality--encompassing hotel and care work, hospital positions, and restaurant and bar employment, practicing the right hospitality safety practices can insure not only that your employees are safe and productive, but also that your customers are happy, comfortable, and ready to come back for more. Learning what aspects of proper hospitality safety can boost your business can be difficult and time consuming, and learning the government regulations that apply can seem like wading through a field of paperwork. Informing employees, especially those who are new to the industry, of proper work practices and safety measure, can be a daunting task as well.

The Effectiveness of Hospitality Safety Videos

With the help of a few videos, staff can be informed, educated, and even trained in government-regulated aspects of hospitality safety. The videos generally last about 20 minutes, and are packed with facts and important ideas in safety. Generally, they follow a "checkpoint" lesson plan, alternating between practical examples of safe behavior and quick review sessions to help the necessary information sink in.

Hands-on, practical training is generally the most effective training method, but there are situations where it is impractical and dangerous. Putting improperly trained employees the path of hazardous chemicals and busy, high-traffic areas can be overwhelming for both trainees and adjacent employees. Safety videos are good way to communicate important safety information in an environment that isn't fraught with potential hazard.

Also, hospitality safety videos are available for a number of topics, with specific videos available for hospital, hotel, and restaurant work. There are also a variety of subtopics available, focusing on industry specifics such as injury prevention for guest room attendants and proper food handling techniques. Many times, safety videos are also available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

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Jana- I have some of those photo gloves. Never thuhogt to use them under the nitrile ones. I've done the color charts Schmid recommends once before, and I know what you mean about the blisters! Since my palette has changed over the years, I've been redoing my charts this summer, so I may just have to give the layering idea a try!