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Industrial First Aid Kit

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Stocking the proper treatment items in your industrial first aid kit can help safe time, money, and possibly even lives. Industrial first aid kits are available as complete kits, but in many applications, some customization is necessary. Customizing your industrial first aid kit can also help familiarize you with safety equipment and the corresponding safety procedures.

The first step in customizing you first aid kit involves assessing the potential hazards of your workplace. Checking accident logs can allow you to discover any frequent source of injury in the past, giving you a possible point of focus for the assessment. Note any potentially breakable items, including glass windows or beakers, and any sources of open flame. Also note any dangerous protrusions, rough edges, and hot surfaces.

Once the work environment has been thoroughly checked, custom first aid equipment can be researched and purchased. Many industrial tools and substances come with Material Safety Data Sheets, which list appropriate first aid gear such as bandages, ointments, and/or neutralizing chemicals. Industrial first aid kits should be stocked with as many appropriate items as possible.

Maintaining an Industrial First Aid Kit

First aid kits are relatively simple to maintain. For ointments, foods, or water, be sure to check expiration dates often, and to restock after every use. First aid kits should be placed in easily accessible locations, unobstructed by obstacles or corners.

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