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Industrial Safety Supplies

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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No industrial workplace is complete without a full stock of industrial safety supplies. However, not all job sites require the same safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Assessing the potential hazards of your workplace can help you devise proper, OSHA-approved safety procedures.

The most common kinds of industrial safety supplies are simple kinds of PPE such as earplugs, protective gloves, and safety goggles. Gloves and earplugs can offer protection in almost any environment, but safety goggles may not be appropriate for every situation. For some applications, other face and eye protection, such as glasses or full-face masks may be more appropriate.

Industrial safety supplies aren't limited to PPE. Emergency equipment such as first aid kits and eye wash stations should also be readily accessible for workers. Showers and other emergency facilities should be located as close to the location of potential hazards as possible, and along an obstacle-free path.

Purchasing the Right Industrial Safety Supplies

If you need a little help to assess the entire work environment, OSHA offices can suggest local Occupational Safety and Health Specialists or Technicians who can perform complete assessments. In addition, OSHA or ANSI has reviewed most PPE and other equipment. Products that those regulatory bodies have approved should be clearly labeled as such, and can be purchased from industry and safety supply shops everywhere.

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