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Lab Safety Supply

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Arguably as important to laboratory work as tools and scientists are lab safety supply kits. In the event of an emergency, a hazardous situation can escalate quickly into a life-threatening situation. Especially important around hazardous chemicals, breakable objects, or open flames, lab safety supply kits can reduce the risk of serious injury from a workplace accident.

The list of Personal Protective Equipment for laboratory workers is long, and the list of precautionary measures even longer. Even with the most complete precautions, however, there is no substitute for preparedness in the event of an emergency. Laboratory safety kits should provide complete physical and, if necessary, chemical remedies for potential dangers. If there is the possibility that people may be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious substances, include OSHA-compliant PPE to protect everyone from the risk of infection.

If there is the possibility of glass breakage, be sure to stock enough bandages, gauze, and gloves. If there is the possibility of spillage or chemical contamination, it is important to stock sorbent pads, boom coils, and a cleaning medium such as powder or a gelling agent. Building your lab safety supply kit around potential hazards can insure that health risk in your workplace is minimized as much as possible.

Lab Safety Supply Kits With Expiration Dates

Depending on the items that you stock, you may need to regularly check your kit for expiration dates. Especially for ointment, food and medication, check the dates periodically and restock after every use. Also, be sure to include enough flashlights or other light sources, stock as many batteries as you can, and check them often.

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