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Lockout Tagout Procedure

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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A safe lockout tagout procedure is important for any job site where machinery is subject to repair or periodic maintenance. Unnecessary injury the results from accidental activation or energy discharge can be easily avoided by a responsible energy control procedure, the right hardware, and a trained staff. Periodic inspections by outside experts can help insure that the lockout tagout procedure at your workplace is safe, effective, and legal.

Generally, a lockout tagout procedure will include energy control measures that cover steps that will isolate and secure the source of potentially hazardous energy. The procedure may also cover methods for installing, removing, and testing lockout devices. Usually, only authorized personnel have access to lockout hardware, keys, and tags, and for applications where high voltages are involved, in-depth training of personnel may be appropriate.

Depending on the type of machinery involved, training all employees in ways to recognize hazardous energy sources and the equipment to contain them may be part of an effective lockout tagout procedure. It may also be appropriate to train other employees that are not directly exposed to lockout practices for the reasons behind tagouts, and the purpose of lockout devices.

Information and Training Regarding Lockout Tagout Procedures

There are many training materials available to demonstrate safe practices. Bilingual training videos are available, including videos that detail machine guarding responsibility, the control of hazardous energy sources, and even vehicle lockout procedures. There are also posters, signs, and safety labels available for quick reference.

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