Osha Plan

Written by Amy Hall
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Basically, the Osha plan is to make sure that every single man and woman working in America, can go to work and do his or her job, without the worry of getting sick or sustaining an injury. This seems like a basic principle that should go without saying. However, you may be surprised to learn that roughly 90% of all small businesses do not exhibit Osha compliance.

This is obviously a major concern for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is a large organization that is overseen by the Federal government. Safety in the workplace should be the top priority for every business across America, because without it, employees end up getting hurt more often, which means there are more lost days of work. This not only hurts the employee, but the business itself, which loses revenue when workers are out due to illness or injury.

The Osha Plan for Safety

OSHA has provided companies throughout America with numerous resources, which include educational materials, hands-on safety training, and ongoing support for safety compliance. OSHA will often send out it's own workers to train employees on the required safety and health procedures for that particular industry. For instance, construction workers must learn about proper equipment operation, and demonstrate their skills before being allowed to work on a construction site.

It is also important that companies understand the importance of risk assessments, which can help pinpoint hazardous areas on the job site. Such things as slippery surfaces, elevated platforms, ladder handling, electrical wiring, etc., all pose a threat to workers if they are not properly trained. The goal of the OSHA plan is to make certain that employers not only understand the hazards at their place of business, but do something to help reduce the risk of injury or illness to their employees.

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