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Rubber Gloves

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are many advantages to using natural rubber gloves in the workplace. They are durable as well as disposable, making them perfect for quick protection during projects, mechanical work, and even medical work. They are inexpensive as well, offering versatile barrier protection at an affordable cost.

Natural latex rubber is a strong, versatile material that can protect your hands from contamination by hazardous materials. Rubber gloves are available in a variety of thicknesses, and can be molded with textures to provide the wearer with extra grip for tools or hardware. They also are extremely thin, providing great protection as well as sensitivity and dexterity.

Until recently, most were sold with a thin powder coating on the inside to improve the ease of donning the glove. As allergies increase among people who have frequent contact with latex, however, powder-free gloves have become the norm. Because the modified cornstarch powder used in the gloves has proven to be a transmitting agent for the natural proteins in latex that can possibly cause reaction, using powder-free gloves greatly reduces the risk of developing latex allergies.

Where to Purchase Rubber Gloves

Industrial strength rubber gloves are available from a variety of sources. For domestic use, hardware stores or even drug stores may be the most convenient option. For commercial or industrial use, however, the best prices and selection of the toughest gloves can usually be found at safety equipment suppliers. Many vendors also offer quantity discounts as well as quick ordering and live support.

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You know, I always asmsued when you used the expression "wearing gloves" it was because you were:a) really cold in your stainless steel kitchenb) about to kill the animal whose meat you were eating that night for dinnerc) OCD and can't touch things like rice or basil with your bare handsd) super weird.This post clears it up. Thanks.