Safety Plan

Written by Amy Hall
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A good safety plan will cover accident prevention, emergency response strategies, and Osha safety training. This is just a very broad sense of what is covered in the Osha safety manual, with greater detail being given in safety manuals for individual industries. All workers in America are covered under OSHA, with the exception of miners, certain public workers, transportation workers, and the self-employed.

All other industries are covered, including: doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists, health professionals, and certain government agencies. The mission of OSHA is to make sure that every worker in America is protected while at work. This means that every single American company must have it's own safety plan in place that adheres to the guidelines which are created and enforced by OSHA officials.

The Role of Osha in a Safety Plan

OSHA provides the backbone for a safety program. Every workplace safety program should be modeled after the regulations outlined in the Osha safety manual. Of course, amendments can be made which either add or subtract certain regulations that better fit the description of that particular industry.

For example, manufacturing companies require that factory workers who will be operating machinery not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or long hair while doing so. This rule applies because any loose articles of clothing or hair can get caught in a machine and cause a person to lose fingers, arms, and even parts of the head and scalp. This rule would obviously not apply to high school English teachers who do not operate heavy machinery. A safety plan has to pertain to the industry at hand.

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