San Diego Thermapure Heat Treatment For Mold

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although it can be used for almost any pest or infestation, San Diego ThermaPure heat treatment for mold is particularly effective at getting rid of this black menace. TheremaPure is, in effect, a sauna for buildings. The area marked for treatment is wrapped and then the air inside is heated to as much as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to kill any mold spores dead.

The advantages of the San Diego ThermaPure heat treatment for mold don't really need elaborating. There are no dangerous chemicals that can leave a person gasping for breath. There are no lingering unpleasant after effects from the treatment. The heated air penetrates everywhere, even the deepest nooks and crannies. It means that mold lurking where human eye and hand can't reach is killed along with what can be seen on the surface. In short it is the secret of a successful mold eradicating session.

There is absolutely no resultant odor with San Diego ThermaPure heat treatment for mold. In fact, it will destroy the unpleasant smells caused my mold and anything else that was there to start with. You get a double treatment, so to speak. This is a great advantage when you consider that often the rotting smell associated with mold when it penetrates wood is so hard to get rid of.

The Speedy San Diego ThermaPure Heat Treatment for Mold

During a San Diego ThermaPure heat treatment for mold, thermal blankets will be used to protect items that are sensitive to heat such as electrical installations. Probes left within the area to be treated will signal to the ThermaPure operators when the required heat has been reached. The whole process takes form six to eight hours, which is a great improvement over the day often taken for other forms of mold treatment for buildings.

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