Simi Valley Asbestos Containment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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A Simi Valley asbestos containment company can help you take the necessary steps to ensure your family's safety from any asbestos threat. You may be relieved that you don't need to carry out any expensive asbestos removal operations on your home. But even the process for encapsulation containment needs to be done properly to ensure continued safety for you and your family.

Simi Valley Asbestos Containment Procedures

Containment, as opposed to complete removal, is in order if the asbestos is not friable or flaking. Friable, in the strict sense of the word means that when dry, the asbestos may be crumbled or pulverized easily in the hand. Any kind of powdered asbestos would be considered friable. This is when it becomes dangerous and in this case the best course of action is complete removal.

However, in the absence of any kind of friable or flaking asbestos you can go for Simi Valley asbestos containment as a safe option. Upon conducting a thorough survey to ensure that there is no danger of presently sound asbestos becoming friable in the near future, your Simi Valley asbestos containment company will take steps to proceed with the containment. The procedures, which are sometimes referred to as abatement, are performed in stages.

To begin with, the area in the immediate vicinity of the area to be contained will be cleaned using HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping. The heavy gauge plastic sheeting will be laid to cover more than the area that might be affected. The entire area will be kept damp while encapsulation, or enclosing will take place. The same basic procedure will apply if asbestos is being removed.

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