Southern California Asbestos Removal

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The process of Southern California asbestos removal is classified as a controlled environmental solution to a serious health risk. While not entirely solving the asbestos problem, gradually removing it from individual buildings will, over time, mean that the airborne asbestos problem will improve in Southern California. Why is asbestos such a problem in this area?

To begin with, asbestos occurs naturally in the California region. But the dangers of the naturally occurring type of asbestos are considerably outstripped by the large amount of the substance that has been used commercially in the past in Southern California homes and businesses. Southern California asbestos removal firms typically find asbestos in roof shingles, cement, brake linings of cars, different types of flooring and even textiles.

Southern California Asbestos Removal a Lengthy Process

This means the removal or abatement process is likely to go on for decades yet, and will intensify whenever Southern California experiences fires on a large scale, such as occurred in 2003. The fires that ravage Southern California every year have meant that buildings with asbestos have frequently been razed to the ground. The resulting dust often contains large amounts of friable asbestos that disintegrated further at the time of the fire.

Asbestos in a non-friable state is actually not that dangerous. It is only the airborne asbestos dust, or filaments, that can do damage to human beings once it is breathed in. Even then, our remarkably robust respiratory systems can usually deal with a certain amount of asbestos. Normal mucous secretions can control the effects of asbestos on our lungs by carrying them out of the lungs and flushing them away. But if airborne concentrations of asbestos are too high, then it is possible that a person's natural defenses will be inadequate to deal with the situation.

Dangers of Exposure to Asbestos

There are usually no symptoms from exposure right away. Asbestos damage causes gradual scarring and various conditions such as mesothelioma, which is a rare form of lung cancer, that may manifest as much as thirty years later. However, once the disease strikes, victims are typically given eight months to a year to live. This is why it took so long for the medical profession to make the connection between asbestos exposure and lung damage, way back at the beginning of the 19th century.

Since only asbestos dust is a health risk, if a building has asbestos that is in good condition, it is permissible to cover it, or use some type of asbestos abatement process. Because complete removal of asbestos if often a very expensive process, Southern California asbestos removal firms are most often required to undertake asbestos abatement rather than removal. In some instances, abatement is actually safer than removal.

Dangers of Fire and the California Winds

Because of the natural problem and the fires that have made the situation so much worse, in Southern California asbestos removal has become more of a necessity than it is, perhaps, elsewhere in the country. Lots of residents realize that to protect themselves and their families they need to have air ducts cleaned out regularly, for example, by a reliable Southern California asbestos removal firm.

A good Southern California asbestos removal firm will be able to advise you about the duration and cost of any asbestos abatement or removal processes your property may need. Make sure you pick a reliable, well qualified company with plenty of relevant experience. There are strict, government approved guidelines for the safe removal of asbestos, and failure to conform to these regulations could result in legal action.

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Informative post! Asbestos

Informative post! Asbestos continually spreads and is the number one workplace killer - therefore, if you have been affected, or know of someone who has, then visit our asbestos solicitors who can offer support and advice regarding any legal issues caused as a result. Thanks

removal is imperative

the removal of asbestos is something which is completely necessary. Now that we are fully aware of the dangers of asbestos it is important that it is identified and removed, and that this is done by a professional to minimise further exposure. This way there will be fewer asbestos related disease cases, which in many cases are fatal.