Southern California Thermapure Heat

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Experts think that the main reason so many people are resorting to Southern California ThermaPure heat treatment for mold is because of dampness trapped in homes. In the 1970s many homeowners and builders began to insulate homes against the cold and heat. This was a great move from the point of view of saving energy, but it did mean that less fresh outside air circulates throughout a home at any given time, trapping any unwanted substances within.

Any resulting dampness in homes that are protected against heat loss, will not dry off so easily as it might have done before the advent of insulation. Because damp atmospheres are perfect environments for mold and even bacteria of all kinds, many homeowners find that they have an ongoing mold problem. Up until now, the only way to treat mold was with chemical compounds. But now we have Southern California ThermaPure heat treatment.

About Southern California ThermaPure Heat Treatment

Using steam to raise the temperature within a living space to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, this new system will effectively kill all mold, bacteria and insects within the space. So ThermaPure heat treatment can have very beneficial effects on your home overall. In addition you will find that unpleasant smells of all kinds diminish or disappear completely, not just those that are the result of mold. This is in stark contrast to the chemical smells that often linger for a long time after previous methods of mold treatment.

If any member of your family suffers from allergies or breathing difficulties, they will find Southern California ThermaPure heat treatment especially beneficial. The improved air quality that will result from your mold treatment will make life a lot easier for them. Mold can be very detrimental to everyone's health, so if you have mold in your home, do consider doing a ThermaPure treatment as soon as possible to safeguard your home and your health.

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