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Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In 1956, the predecessor to Stockhausen's popular Stockolan skin cream was born. Stoko® skin cream was the first conditioning cream for occupationally stressed skin on the market. Then, in 1963, Stockolan was developed on the bases of Stoko® skin cream.

Since 1963, Stockhausen has developed a 3 Point Program for the proper care and cleaning of skin. Included in the program is every one of Stockhausen's skin care products, divided into their individual protective roles. Stockolan is now part of the Conditioning line--the third of three steps--of Stockhausen's skin care products.

The first step in Stockhausen's prescription for healthy skin involves preparing your skin for workplace irritants but applying special lotions to produce a protective barrier on your skin. The second step regards properly cleaning you skin with specialized products for the removal of water-insoluble or water-based substances. Lastly, conditioning your skin to replenish moisture and lipids rounds out the complete program.

Purchasing Stockolan and Other Stoko® Products

Stockhausen products are available in the United States through Stoko® Skin Care North America. They are available from many industrial and safety suppliers, as well as from a manufacturers online store. Information regarding Stoko® Skin Care is also available at trade shows such as the ISSA, under Degussa AG products.

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