Workplace Safety Program

Written by Amy Hall
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A workplace safety program can mean the difference between having a productive company, and a company that loses money due to employee absenteeism, which is a direct result of injuries sustained on the job. Safety in the workplace is just as important, if not more so, than safety at home. We spend so much of our time at work, and are often surrounded by hazards that require special attention and/or training.

At work, there are usually many employees working either as a team, or independently of each other. Either way, the workplace contains many individuals in one place. As a result, an accident at work does not usually affect just one person, rather it can affect many people. For this reason, is is imperative that all American businesses develop and implement a work safety program that strives to keep employees safe.

The Workplace Safety Program for American Businesses

There are numerous hazards in the workplace that puts employees at risk everyday. Such hazards include: elevated work platforms, slippery walking surfaces, fire and chemical hazards, heavy machinery and equipment, as well as violence in the workplace. OSHA has come up with a safety manual that outlines the specific requirements that all companies across America must comply with in order to make the workplace safety program effective.

When companies do their part, the results are usually positive. The amount of injuries on the job decrease, fatal accidents decrease, work production increases, and revenue increases as well. When everyone does their part to make the workplace a safe place to be, everyone wins. For more information about OSHA's safety manual, please click on the link on this page, which will take you directly to our recommended site.

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