3m Full Face Respirators

Written by Norene Anderson
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3M full face respirators are available in a variety of sizes and styles. There are powered and supplied air systems to use for protection against several types of gases and particulates. The cartridges and filters for the respirators meet NIOSH standards for safety. A filter or cartridge that is not made by 3M should not be used in order to ensure the perfect fit and level of protection.

The 3M full face respirators are comfortable. This lightweight respirator is well balanced and has adjustable straps to give a snug fit. The lens on the face cover is scratch resistant. They are NIOSH approved for positive air pressure and negative pressure air purifying. The valve is designed to reduce heat and buildup of moisture in the faceplate.

Use for 3M Full Face Respirators

The material for the 3M full face respirators provides a soft feel to the face. There is particular attention paid to making the pressure points comfortable. The sizes available are small, medium, and large and they come with the option of wearing the respirator in a drop-down fashion or traditional. This feature offers the best option for use in a variety of settings.

It is critical to match the type of respirator and filter with the element that is targeted for removal from the air. The rating by NIOSH is the best guideline for purchasing the appropriate device. The "N" is for non-oil resistant particulates, "R" is for oil-resistant, and "P" is for oil proof particulates. Some occupations require a full-face respirator due to the toxicity of the environment. The right protection is the only protection.

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