Activated Charcoal Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Activated charcoal filters are specially-designed air filters that work in situations where other filters fail. For example, some filters do a great job at removing particulate matter from the air. Particulate matter is small particles that do not belong in our respiratory system and can cause distress and allergic reactions. Common particulates include dust, pollen, animal dander, cigarette smoke, and perfume.

Particulate filters remove these above-mentioned irritants from the air in your home or office. However, there are other indoor air pollutants that are not so obvious. Sometimes they are detectable and sometimes not. These are chemical pollutants and unfortunately, they're all too common in the home and office. In fact, they're nearly impossible to avoid. If you order new carpeting, a new sofa, or have your home repainted, you will be exposed to chemical fumes that, in this day and age, are a common part of the manufacturing process.

Chemicals and Activated Charcoal Filters

Most people aren't aware of the extent that active chemical gases enter our daily lives. However, the truth is that not only are chemical fumes present, but they have a major impact on our respiratory systems and overall health. These fumes have been linked to various debilitating diseases, many of them fatal. In addition to respiratory conditions, these diseases include cancers and neurological disorders.

The longer an individual is exposed to chemical fumes, the more likely they are to become seriously ill. Also, those with the most vulnerable immune systems are more likely to be affected, such as very young children and the elderly. These are reasons that activated charcoal filters are a must for your home or office. Activated charcoal filters are made of carbon, which is the best known substance for absorbing chemical gases present in the air, effectively removing them from home or office.

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