Air Bear Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Air Bear filters are manufactured specifically for the Air Bear cleaning system. Air Bear is a registered trademark of the Trion corporation, which manufactures the system. This particular system is designed to be installed directly into the home's forced-air heating and air conditioning systems. This results in the comprehensive improvement of the air quality within the home.

Such systems are, of course, more costly than the simple compact filtering units you can plug into the wall, such as those you can often find at stores like The Sharper Image. However, the former is far more effective. A compact floor filter only cleans the air in the space around it. Whole-house systems such as the Air Bear are comprehensive, for they eliminate contaminants from the entire home. You can enjoy air that is equally clean throughout your home, not just in one room.

How Air Bear Filters Work

Air Bear filters come in two types: one for particulate matter, and a charcoal filter for fumes and odors. Though both are said to be optional, I strongly believe they should both be used. The reason is that you cannot eliminate all sources of contamination with just one kind of filter. What's the point of installing an air purification system throughout your home if it only addresses part of the problem? Be on the safe side and use both types of filters.

When it comes to replacing Air Bear filters, you basically have two major options. One is to purchase replacement filters from the company that manufactures Air Bears. These filters are definitely going to be great in quality and deliver a superb performance. Another option, however, can save you money, and that is to purchase replacement filters from a third-party company. These companies are in the business of manufacturing replacement filters compatible with various industry leaders such as Trion, Honeywell, and Space Gard filtering systems. Just make sure to purchase filters of equal quality, otherwise in the long run you won't be saving money at all.

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