Bird Flu Information

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bird flu information has been in the news recently as a widespread outbreak has apparently crossed the bird to human barrier. Many questions are still unanswered about this possibility. Avian influenza viruses are the viruses that can infect birds. This is in a category known as influenza A viruses. Research has shown that birds can be infected by all subtypes of influenza A.

Many different strains exist in the subtypes of avian influenza. The latest bird flu information reveals the avian influenza virus has spread among birds around the world. Water birds are recognized as hosts for the virus. The virus resides in the bird's intestines and it is shed with feces. It also is in the saliva and nasal secretions. Other birds can become infected by having contact with the contaminated material.

More Bird Flu Information

The most common method of contamination between birds is fecal-to-oral. This has raised the issue of how the avian influenza A virus can be contracted by humans. Several cases of human infection have been reported in the last few years. It is thought the virus is contracted from having contact with either infected poultry or contaminated surfaces.

There is still a lot of bird flu information that is in the research status. The severity of the impact on humans appears to be related to the difference of low pathogenic and high pathogenic strains of the virus. This virus has resulted in the destruction of thousands of poultry. It is vital that every worker around poultry wear protective masks rated for the protection needed. Look for the NIOSH rating that fits this particular type of air infiltrate.

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