Calculating Slope

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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When it comes to calculating slope, inclinometers are a must-have item. Calculating slope accurately is essential to a myriad of tasks and situations. For instance, boom angle indicators can help you accurately calculate an angle or incline while operating a crane on a construction site.

However, slope indicators are also essential for controlling the angle of various types of medical equipment. Without inclinometers, x-ray machines and hospital beds wouldn't be nearly as safe to use as they need to be. Although measuring slope on a construction site or in a hospital seems radically different, they have something very important in common. Both types of slope calculation are essential to protecting people's health and safety. For this reason alone, it's essential that any inclinometer you purchase be exceptionally well made.

Calculating Slope with Durable Equipment

First, the equipment needs to be durable. If the read out cracks or the indicator is crushed by pressure, the inclinometer is no good. Even the mounting should be nearly indestructible. Look for inclinometers that have been purchased by such organizations as the U.S. military, state highway departments, or USDA forestry. If these organizations trust a manufacturer, you can too.

Calculating slope fore-to-aft (front to back) might not be enough information for your project. You may also need to calculate slope side-to-side. Fortunately, inclinometers are available that calculate both types of angles.

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