Carbon Air Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Carbon air filters are one of the two main kinds of air purifier filters: particulate filters and carbon filters. Carbon filters are important because they capture harmful chemical vapors and gases that commonly infiltrate the air in indoor environments. This includes not only offices, other commercial places, and public gathering spaces, but our homes as well.

Since recent studies have found that most Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, the amount of chemical vapors in the air is definitely cause for concern. It's now common knowledge that exposure to chemicals, especially over a long period of time, is scientifically linked to all sorts of serious diseases, from cancers to respiratory illnesses to neurological diseases. What a useless risk we're taking by exposing ourselves to these disease-causing agents, especially if we don't have to.

Why Carbon Air Filters?

Carbon air filters are the most effective means to rid indoor air of chemical fumes. Ordinary particulate filters, which comprise an important part of clean air systems, are only useful against particles of airborne matter. Particulate filters capture particles, but are unable to trap matter as insidious as chemical gases. Thus the carbon filter was invented.

Carbon air filters are designed to absorb chemical vapors inside the home, office, or other indoor areas. In the best carbon filters, the carbon is activated, which means it's subjected to a process whereby the internal surface area is greatly increased. What does this mean to you? Quite simply, it means greater filter capacity and efficiency. In other words, there is much more carbon material available to do the job of trapping harmful chemical contaminants and keeping them out of the air you breathe.

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