Clean Room Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Clean room filters help remove foreign particles from the air inside your home, office, or any other indoor area where people spend a lot of time. It's a little-known fact, and rather shocking to many, that most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors! What's also not widely known, though it should be, is that most indoor air is unhealthy to the human body. Clean room filters can help.

"But my house is clean," you may say. This is in no way an attack on your housekeeping habits! Rather, the air inside even the cleanest homes becomes impure through everyday living. Do you have a pet? Pet dander enters the air and is breathed in, causing allergies. Does anyone smoke in the home? This definitely would contribute to unclean air. If you live in a humid area, mold spores might be floating about. Add to that the everyday occurrences of dust and pollen entering the home, which no one can avoid, and you already have indoor air that's full of irritating particulate matter.

How Clean Room Filters Help

Besides the naturally-occurring pollutants in our homes, even the products that on the one hand clean our homes, on the other hand pollute the air we breathe! Most common household cleaning products contain heavy amounts of caustic chemicals, which vaporize and are inevitably breathed in. Furniture polish, cleaning sprays, and even liquid cleaners become airborne to some extent.

Other sources of chemical fumes are freshly dry-cleaned clothes (chemicals are sprayed on the clothes to clean them) and even our furniture, which is made using chemical processes. How can clean room filters help? Particulate air filters, which trap airborne particles mentioned at the top of the page, take care of half the problem. On the other hand, carbon air filters remove the problem of chemical fumes, trapping them in their activated carbon layers.

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