Color Pallets

Written by Shirley Parker
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A color pallet can be inherently useful to businesses that palletize goods in a warehouse. Imagine rows and rows of goods stacked to the ceiling. If this business doesn't have very detailed maps or signposts scattered throughout the warehouse, finding a particular product could take hours.

Uses for Colored Pallets

A good way to distinguish between products is by using colored pallets. Purchasing pallets in three colors to distinguish between small, medium, and large products is also a good way to keep track of inventory. Colored pallets are a great way to distinguish between products that have already been earmarked for distribution or purchase, as opposed to general stock, too.

Colored pallets can be made of painted wood or plastic that has been dyed. Premium A grade and Sam's A Grade are the most common types of grades to include color. To make a wooden pallet colored, the stringers are painted in the desired color. Often, refurbished or partially recycled pallets will include one or more painted stringers recovered from an otherwise unusable colored pallet.

Colored pallets are also a great way to continue company branding into the warehouse. Ordering pallets in the colors of a company logo will keep the brand, image, and logo in the minds of anyone who works at the warehouse. These may need to be custom ordered and will almost certainly be more expensive than plain wood pallets, but if your business involves customers seeing your warehouse on a daily basis, the recognition factor may be worth it.

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