Commercial Slip Free Kitchen Floors

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Kitchens can be dangerous places, whether in a home or commercial setting. The combination of water, electric appliances, flames and heat, and sharp objects can combine to create serious hazards. Every year, thousands of people wind up in the emergency room due to kitchen accidents. Whether you are a part time cook or a manager at a busy restaurant, it is wise to consider creating a safe environment in your kitchen.

Slip Free Floors Are Key to Safe Commercial Kitchens

One of the keys to a safe kitchen is a safe, slip-free floor. Imagine carrying a hot frying pan or sharp knife and slipping on a water spill. The consequences can be serious or even fatal. Kitchen flooring materials vary from tile to stone to linoleum or vinyl to concrete. Regardless of the type of surface, there are solutions which can reduce the incidence of slip and fall accidents.

In home settings, placing mats or rugs with non-slip backings in key places can not only reduce the chance of slipping in these places, but can absorb spills as well. Many manufacturers offer clear coatings for a variety of flooring types that will increase the traction they provide, even when wet. These coatings can be high gloss and often will actually enhance the look and durability of your kitchen floor.

For more industrial settings, or kitchens with higher traffic, you can choose epoxy or rubber resin coatings which will actually add texture to the walking surface. These coatings can come in a variety of colors to highlight problem areas for employees. Regardless of whether your floor is made of beautiful terrazzo or grey concrete, there is a solution that will make your kitchen safer.

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