Commercial Truck Financing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Commercial truck financing can be used by businesses that need to purchase or lease commercial trucks. Commercial trucks may include any trucks used for towing, delivering furniture or materials, exterminating pests, landscaping, plumbing, vending, food services, electrical contracting, or construction. Most commercial trucks are considered to be large or heavy duty sized trucks and can be very expensive to purchase.

Methods for Commercial Truck Financing

Commercial truck financing is often necessary because companies cannot afford to pay the entire cost for commercial trucks in advance. Depending on your business and the type of truck you need, purchasing a commercial truck with a financing plan can be a good option. Companies that know exactly what type of truck they want and plan on using it for a long time tend to purchase their commercial trucks.

Leasing is a good idea for companies who are not entirely sure about which model of commercial truck would be best. Leasing is like renting for an extended period of time. Companies can test out a commercial truck for a few years with a lease and then decide whether or not to return it at the end of the lease period. Companies can also obtain a new lease and upgrade their commercial trucks every few years.

Leasing is an excellent form of commercial truck financing because it is flexible, produces stable cash flow, has tax benefits, and custom payment options. As with a financing plan for a truck purchase, you can choose a lease that extends over a period between 36 and 60 months. You will have to make monthly payments during your lease period as you also would with a financing plan when you purchase a commercial truck.

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